Micro Abrasive Waterjet

Micro Abrasive Waterjet

In-depth studies on the optimization and monitoring of fluid dynamics at the basis of waterjet cutting technology have enabled WatAJet to acquire important know-how for its technological solutions, based on waterjet miniaturisation. The know-how developed has given rise to the recent filing of two patents.

The company’s Micro Abrasive Waterjet technology allows the obtainment of cutting precision and quality levels not comparable with standard systems, proposing WatAJet as a new reality in the field of high precision machining and a valid alternative to EDM and laser.

The versatility and flexibility that characterize the Micro Abrasive Waterjet technology allow accurate processing of any metallic material (steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, magnesium, etc.) or non-metallic material (carbon fibre, composites in general, multi-layer sandwich, ceramic, rubber, plastic, etc..). This is done in total absence of thermally altered areas and in thicknesses that can vary from 0.1 mm to a few centimetres.

Micro Abrasive Waterjet technology allows to obtain:

  • Roughness less than 2 µm Ra
  • Cutting kerf width up to 0.22 mm
  • Dimensional accuracy ± 10 µm
  • No HAZ (Heat Affected Zones)
  • Independence from material properties