Who we are

WatAJet s.r.l. is an innovative start-up

founded in November 2014 which springs from an industrial project in the Manufacturing and Production Systems of Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano..

The company, thanks to its innovative approach, has pushed the possibilities of Abrasive Waterjet Technology (AWJ) towards precision and cut quality levels not comparable with traditional systems, with final accuracies on finished pieces up to 10 µm. The company presents itself as a new reality in the field of high precision machining, with valid alternative processes to currently established ones, such as EDM and laser.

The Company


From January 2018, as a result of a new partnership with the firm Stampitalia s.r.l., WatAJet decided to invest in precision blanking. Thanks to this additional technology, the company entered the world of mass production; WatAJet proposes itself as a transversal partner, able to meet its customers’ needs better and better: from the realization of prototypes and small lots to mass production.

Last but not least, the experience gained by the members in the field of mechanical technologies is a valid support to the design for anyone who wants to develop innovative products or components, promoting the virtuous circle of “THINK-DESIGN-MAKE-INSPIRE”. The company’s natural propensity for R&D and the close relationship with the Department of Mechanics of the Politecnico di Milano guarantee that new solutions are continuously being studied so as to ensure constant improvement of processes that will lead WatAJet to become a point of reference in this field.